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What is it?

A simple communication tool for 

educational or therapeutical purposes

or to help you communicate with your children. 

The cards can be used in many different ways! Just use your creativity! 
And if you want some tips on how to get started, check out the tips&tricks page.


What do the buddies look like? 


We chose simple illustrations so that the cards can be used with a large audience.

They can be appealing to children aswel as (young) adults and or people with disabilities. 


The use of non-gender specific characters makes it possible for people to give their own interpretation. They can choose whether a buddy is either male or female or non-binary. This makes it easier to use the buddies to describe specific situations or life events regardless of the gender of the people involved. 


Every card illustrates a different emotion or state of mind. We specifically chose not to write the emotions on the cards so that everybody using the cards can give his or her own interpretation

What with the 4 M's? 

Mind: the element of a person that enables them to be aware of the world and their experiences, to think, and to feel; the faculty of consciousness and thought

Mode: In schema therapy, a mode is a temporary mindset that includes both your present emotional state and how you're dealing with it. check out the Instagram blog to see how I link the cards to Schema Therapy modes.

Mood: a temporary state of mind or feeling.

Mental: relating to the mind - what occurs in "it".  

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