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Let's talk about emotions! 

If you’re struggling to find the right way to talk about emotions with your children, or you’re looking for a creative way to solve conflicts with teenagers. If as a counselor or coach you come across people that find it hard to put their feelings into words, or if you want to improve group dynamics in your team… 

The MMMMbuddies cards are the right tool for you! 

scroll down and read some short reviews! 

"A simple and creative approach

on talking about emotions!"

"The cards help my clients gain insight on their emotions and thinking patterns."

MOCK UP cards 1bianco.jpg

" Using the cards to talk about emotions with toddlers is hilarious! A must-do feel good activity :-)" 

"Great tool! Lots of creative ways to put them to use. Apart from using them as a conversation tool, you can create games around the cards or even use them in creative sessions" 

"I use them with my daughter. We talk about her temper tantrums and try to find solutions together. The cards are a great way to talk about sensitive topics in a lighter way "


Thanks to the cards, I found a way to tell my therapist about my anxieties and how I feel on a day to day base" 

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